The Mother's Day Interview

The best gift I have received for Mother’s Day (so far) was a laminated pink questionnaire that my son answered about me with the help of his Pre-K teacher. His answers were honest and it’s funny how my whole life seemed to be summed up in that one piece of paper. 

I often scroll back through my feed (also known as my children’s scrapbooks) to reread and have a good laugh. Since he was born I had been a nurse working night shift. I slept all day and often missed dinner with the family. This was reflected in his answers and I was thankful his teachers knew what I did for a living. 


When asked “What does your mommy always say?”, his answer was “I’m resting”. 

When asked “ What does your mommy always forget?”, he said “to eat her dinner”. 

This is us, enjoying a popsicle before a shift. No Makeup, air dried hair, and scrubs. This was my life for 7 years and I wouldn't trade it. 

That was only three years ago but it feels like a lifetime. I love these answers because it takes me back to life when he was three. I remember his little voice a little better when I picture him answering those questions. I remember how hard it was to work the hours opposite of my family (and the rest of the world). I remember those nights I worked, the babies I helped bring into the world, the 3 am conversations with my coworkers who all became close friends. I remember the details that made me a mother. 


I happened to come across my post  last night and thought, I wish I had done one of these every year, and it dawned on me that I CAN do one every year, even if there is no teacher to do it for me.

THEN I thought, what would make it even better? 


A video.


So what did I do? I made a questionnaire, adding questions for them as they grow older. I pulled up the questionnaire on my phone, gave it to my husband, and told him to use his phone to record the interview while I went to do laundry. 


Five minutes later they were done and we sat down on the couch, and watched their answers together. We had to watch it 4 times because we were laughing so hard we kept missing the answers. See full videos here.


This is a Mother’s day to remember and when they are grown and move away I will make one movie of all the Mother’s day videos. Then I will watch it everyday and cry. 


I want every mother out there to share in the laughter and memories with me so I am attaching the questionnaire below. Print it out, save it on your phone, whatever meets your skill or dedication level. I took a screenshot… 


Record your video and keep it for safe keeping then make a clip of your favorite part and share it with the world because we a need a good laugh right now. Don’t forget to tag @bornandraisedstudio so we can see too!


Download your interview below and send to the Hubs, or a friend!








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